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Studying Sassy: Prom 91


So the DIY this month was obvious..... I was going to have to get ready for the prom, 1991 style.

AKA "blastin'."

My plan was to focus on the day-of instructions to the best of my abilities. But in maybe an hour, not 3.

I did look through the rest of the guide closely, for wardrobe inspiration.....

So, the pastel trend from Jan is still going strong. I figured I could work with that. But I'm not a makeup first-timer, so is there a guide for me?

Boy oh boy, is there.

Sounds about perfect for a 34 year old woman recreating makeup designed for teenagers 25 years ago.


Just like the countdown suggested, I started with my nails.

Then, on to the makeup: blue shimmery eye shadow (which I faked a little, layering shimmer over the blue I prefer), black liner, mascara, and a soft sparkly lip.

They didn't say lips should be sparkly, but that was the choice that smelled the most like a Lip Smacker. So.

I opted for hair up, with my tentrils down, because that's what all the cool girls were doing. And then I got dressed in the closest thing in my closet to a pastel prom dress, put on my homemade paper corsage, and greeted my date. In the backyard by the jungle foliage.

What? This old thing???? Aw shucks.

Then, the most important advice from Sassy: "Oh yeah, have too much fun." Done.

Huge thanks to my prom date/photographer Matt Meindl for the photos, and lights, and editing.

Check him out at for gigs. But not for dates. His dance card is full.

See you in April!!!

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