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Studying Sassy: May 92

Sassy May '92 Then Again, Perhaps Not 50

I got so behind, that I took tons of photos of this issue and put them all in here ahead of sitting down to write about them. So let's see if I remember reading this issue. Like at all.

Just to document some stylish 1992 makeup and hair. I think of Sassy as indie, and ahead of trends, but sometimes the ads just give all that hip cred away.

Some stylistic changes are becoming more obvious in this issue, with typesetting and layouts. I have to say, I like it. It feels more polished, and also maintains that uniqueness that set Sassy apart from other magazines (spoiler alert: a few years later, Sassy is bought out and changes a lot before folding).

Same. School is hella cool.

The eustachian tube comment is the best.

Love this illustration! Great visual of hostility, which is one of the snippets below. Also, asthma and roaches? Wacky.

Love this typeface! And I used that trick to fix a broken nail on someone once. Her nail split really bad, up high, and I made a little cast for her out of clear nail polish and a tea bag to help her grow it out in one piece.

It seems like the DIY page has been replaced by this one, Put it On. Ok with me.

I've never been to Austin, but it seems like a complex place. It's got the Texas stuff, and university stuff, and music and food and such. People who love it REALLY love it. Should probably check it out before Texas secedes.

OMG Sun In. So bad for your hair, but we all did it. Also, all those girls look the same. Anyhow, I used to put straight hydrogen peroxide on my hair and it would turn so orange before it got blonde.


Uh, very. I might have only been 10 when this came out, but I was quite tall (taller than my teacher) and already pretty curvy. Oh, and likely menstruating at this point. So, I'm gonna go with very body conscious. Thankfully, baggy clothes were "in" where I lived.

America's Next Top Model didn't exist yet, unfortunately.

Post Newsies, pre Swing Kids. Pre pre pre epic meltdown.

See, always on a black background!

So, this is a teen magazine that I was reading at age 10, right? So, while they bagged on the 90210 dolls, I actually had 3 of them: Kelly, Donna, and Dylan. The Dylan one even had a tiny scar in his eyebrow. Other than that, they were basically Barbies, and I played with them as such. (I also had at one point the New Kids on the Block Johnathan concert doll.)

And, there's Bikini Kill, which I payed no attention to. I blame it on being a child.

Northern Exposure is one of my favorite shows from the 90's. A few years ago, when I still rented DVDs from Netflix, I re-watched most of the series. So offbeat, so charming, and full of characters. But by far, the best is Chris the DJ. Not Fleishman, not Ed. Chris. Always Chris.

Everything is Light Blue. There you go.

Here's one I just took pictures of and didn't really read. I believe it's about people who weren't considered conventionally/book smart but were successful or had an impact.

Oh, I was right.

Love this sun collage! So much so, that I put a bigger picture in too!

A very important article about foundation.

And some important words about feet.

I wish someone would write an article like this for adult women, but I think our friendships are too complicated. Or we just give up much quicker when things go awry.

This woman is rad. She moved to Belize in her 20's to work on a nature documentary and then stayed to open a zoo for displaced native animals. Amazing! She lives in a hut by herself in the jungle, and is devoted to educating the people of Belize about the endangered creatures in their country. So interesting, and so cool! It's like living with my crazy cat, except the cat is a jaguar, and actually it's completely different and much more badass.

These little drawings are quite cute. However, I wish they weren't all so....... white. Like, models in the fashion stories are often of varied skin tones (see foundation story above) so why can't these girls be persons of color also?

This story is short, but it hits close to home. I had one of those friends for years (and the protagonist is named Katie, so that helps). Very nicely written.

Ummmmmmm......... this ad sucks. #1, because why are you trying to sell "how to get the guy" bullshit anyhow. But #2..... what is wrong with this boy? He looks like a composite of multiple people badly photoshopped together, and he is NOT CUTE! If that's the guy you're trying to lure, you need advice alright.

So creepy!!!!!!

I think it's cute that the writers are all sharing recipes now. That's all.

This is the back cover, and it's just so cute. Her hair is very Drew Barrymore at the time, or Madonna circa Dick Tracy. Like you used hot rollers but didn't brush them out, just left them individual curls. So silly.

OK! It's the end of June and I've just put up April and may, so June will be coming....... sometime. At some point. One day, yet to be determined. TBD.

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