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Studying Sassy: Nov 91

Sassy Nov. 91 We Hate The Bloated Premenstrual Belly No. 44

I was all prepared to write about this issue in early November. I figured, thematically, it would make the most sense to wait until after the Presidential election to do so.... November 1991 was when Bill Clinton won the presidency, and November 2016 was when Hillary Clinton was running herself on the Democratic ticket. Considering that this issue of Sassy has a 3 page article about why a woman should be President, and the column What He Said is dedicated to the same topic, it would have been a beautiful thing to write, 25 years later, about how much things had changed for the better. But that is not the blog I'm able to write. Instead, the quiz about Black History seems even more important to study. The personal account of drugs killing an intensely creative person seems like a warning. The fashion story about lingere looks naive, and the one about Alpine attire hints at Sound of Music (which was about Nazis, which brings us back to today). The only ad in the magazine I can relate to is for Designer Imposters, in regards to those this nation has chosen to lead us. Or, perhaps, the ad for Guess? because I can only guess what comes next. So.... here are all the photos I took of the magazine. I may come back later and add more commentary, but I still have to get through the December issue first.

Then I will move on to more pressing agenda items, aka 2017.

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