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Studying Sassy: April 91

Sassy April 91 Donnie is Dead No. 37

This issue is super beat up looking compared to others in my collection, and I have no idea why. Dog-eared pages, scuffs all over the cover, and I definitely don't have the tear-out lyrics to the R.E.M. song that were included..... Also, a few photos I took seem a little soft in the focus department. And I'm posting this on April 30th, so basically this is not my finest blog Therefore, here is a picture of me as a rabbit, which was technically from Halloween 1990 (I was Babs from Tiny Toon Adventures), but Easter and whatnot.

Remember SASE? That's an acronym for self-addressed stamped envelope for the youngsters. Meaning you would mail to someone, in a different envelope, an envelope addressed TO YOU with a stamp on it, so they could mail you something back without much effort on their end. Anyhow, in this month's About Face, you could "learn how to shave your legs right" via a Personal Touch Shaving Guide (?) based out of Tom's River, NJ. So there's that.

In the 90's, rain gear either looked like fetish gear or firefighter protective wear. Either way, I'd totally be on board if that plaid raincoat came back around.

The reviews of black tights are only proof to me that everyone's opinion of what constitutes a good pair of tights varies. My tastes are across the board, in terms of sheerness, sheen vs matte, and texture. But I hate saggy knees, or when they get pills after you wash them, but maybe I'm just too cheap to spring for high quality stockings. Now that I live in LA, tights are honestly for the coldest of winter only, so whatever.

When I read the On the Road about Baltimore, MD and saw that they featured a girl named Sara I remember wigging out because my cousin Sarah was around that age and living in Potomac, Maryland at the time! Practically the same thing, right? Except not at all. But I was 9.

Go ahead and get upset now, because I did not complete the Making It challenge of recovering the back of my favorite vest with a large silky scarf.

But I did applique an over-sized scissor onto a tote, and stenciled on the web address for this site. Any leniency would be much appreciated.

Thank goodness all these guys would date a less popular girl. Because I think we all know that the unpopular kids were usually making weird dioramas with Barbies and spilling paint all over their bedroom carpets, which is far sexier than having lots of friends.

OMG Northern Exposure. I re-watched most of the series a few years ago, when I still got dvds in the mail from Netflix. Such a great show, I wish it was streaming because I would watch that over and over. Ed was not my favorite character (John Corbett's dj Chris wins there), but he totally represents the wacky world of Cicely, Alaska.

The article describing how Sassy chose its' cover model, and what the shooting of the cover entailed, was a much different read now that I work as a hair stylist. Especially because this reminded me that until recently, most makeup artists and set hairstylists were men.

inside a Black Debutante Ball was a great reminder of how progressive Sassy was, and in a lot of ways, still is. For a magazine staffed by mostly white women, the amount of attention given to diverse cultures in stories, and the diversity of models featured in fashion spreads, is kind of awesome. Do they always nail an even amount of diversity? No. But the effort seems to be there, and without much fanfare. That's probably the best part.

I loved the kind of backdoor bragging of I Hate Going Backstage. Promoted as a way to reveal how boring and unglamorous the behind the scenes world is, it still probably made a lot of teenagers want to get to the point where schmoozing backstage with famous bands they'd already met and interviewed and got free tickets to see was blase. Hilarious.

5 Jobs That Aren't Lame sadly didn't feature mine. Oh well, maybe next time.

My boyfriend hasn't seen L.A. Story!!!! We live in L.A.!!!!! I gotta fix this, like yesterday.

Here are some pictures of the most 90's ads ever:

It's already almost May. Holy shit 2016, I love you but you're growing up way too fast. Can't wait to share Sassy's advice about how to be 1991 glam. xo

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